Dry Eyes Exams and Treatments

Dry eye syndrome is usually caused by a condition called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD. It is a disease that does not go away and affects the glands located underneath the eye lids. When discussing the eye, there are tear ducts that essentially “wet” the eyes and try to keep them moist, while the meibomian glands located underneath the eyelids produce natural oils that lubricate the eye and keep the tear ducts working effectively. If the meibomian glands are not functioning properly or are blocked, this can lead to itchy, watery, red eyes as well as feelings of dryness or grittiness within the eye. Excessive tearing may occur as the tear ducts work overtime to try and keep the eyes wet, but without the functioning lubricating oils from the meibomian glands, those tears become ineffective.


Exams and Evaluations

We offer comprehensive exams and evaluations by our specialists to create an individualized plan specific to your condition and personal needs. We can diagnose and offer treatment options for Meibomian Gland Dystrophy as well as other dry eye conditions.

Through annual eye exams and screenings, your doctor can work with you to view the function of those essential meibomian glands within your eyelids. Precision Eye Care uses technology to view the tear quality and production of the eyes. We can check on the levels of lubrication from the glands, and finally take detailed, up-close photos that show us the actual meibomian glands behind your eyelids to determine the quantity of glands, and their overall health. Should those glands all die off due to blockages or poor eye health, it can lead to chronic dry eye which can only be treated by constant artificial tears and lubrication.


management options

Symptom Releif

Eye Drops

Warm Compress

Eyelid Message

Omega 3 Supplements

When treating the symptoms of dry eye, there are several options available. Some include treatments through natural eye drops and artificial tears like Retaine MGD and products like Lumify to reduce redness. Our doctors also recommend taking healthy supplements that include Omega-3 fatty acids found in Fish Oil or Flax Seed Oil. We also sell these products like Retaine Flax and Retaine OM-3. Finally, using products like warm eye compresses followed by gentle eyelid massages can be very beneficial in causing the glands to work well and regularly.

The root cause solution

In Office Therapies

LLLT - Low Level Laser Therapy

IPL - Intense Pulse Light Therapy


Aside from treating the mere symptoms, your doctor can also recommend procedures that will help with the overall function of the meibomian glands. These procedures can help to unblock the obstacles that clog the glands and cause them to die, and help improve their overall function.

The first of these treatments is called LLLT or “low level laser therapy” treatments. By wearing a special eye mask that delivers a low-level laser to the eyelids, the glands essentially warm up and become more susceptible. From there, the doctor will gently push out the blockages in the glands improving the overall flow. These treatments depend on the severity of the dry eye condition, but often require 3-4 sessions with an occasional 3–6-month follow-up to ensure that your glands remain healthy and functioning properly.



The added benefits


These therapies for treating MGD were originally created for dermotologists and can additionally offer relief from a number of skin conditions such as acne.

The second treatment is often coupled with the first LLLT treatment and is known as IPL or “intense pulse light” therapy for lighter-skinned individuals or radio frequency therapy for darker skinned individuals. This treatment began as a rejuvenator skin therapy treatment by dermatologists used to treat such conditions like acne, rosacea, psoriasis, crows’ feet, wrinkles, or hair removal therapy to the face. As these skin treatments were performed, over time, patients would report to their dermatologists that they had symptoms of dry eye that were greatly diminished or had vanished altogether. So, while it began as a skin rejuvenation therapy that had the added benefits of treating dry eyes, it has now become a treatment for dry eye that has the added benefits of skin rejuvenation.

How it works, is that through intense pulses of light, or through the radio frequencies of light to targeted areas of the face, it stimulates the natural collagen production and opens the blood vessels within allowing for more blood flow and essential oxygen delivery of those blood vessels in the face and specifically to the meibomian glands of the eyes.

It has been an amazing and revolutionary innovation at Precision Eye Care and one for which hundreds of patients have been able to benefit from over time as they enjoy their eyes and their vision with very little to no MGD or dryness issues or overall symptoms.