Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration disease and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a disease that can affect many people at different stages of their life. Often it can begin with a dark spot(s) on your vision, that if left untreated, can grow until it covers your entire vision. As the macula degenerates over time, other symptoms may begin to appear over time.

There are healthy habits one can do to prevent this disease. Eating leafy green vegetables, taking healthy supplements like Macuhealth and other products, as well as wearing sunglasses outside are excellent habits one can take.

Despite having healthy habits, if you have a family history of macular degeneration or AMD, you may begin to have early symptoms such as poor nighttime vision and difficulty adapting to darkness (i.e. when a light turns off in a room). However, early detection is key to diagnosing this disease and coming up with plans to help stop or slow its progression overtime. Precision Eye Care, using the latest technology can test how you adapt to darkness overtime which is often the first symptom. Through a device called AdaptDx coupled by OCT scans specifically targeting the macula, we can view the progression or regression of the disease and monitor the overall health of the macula.

Schedule annual eye exams with your doctor as often, just looking into the back of the eye and examining the macula and retina is the first step to recognizing this issue. Your doctor will keep detailed records and pictures of your retina and macula and coupled with the regular screenings and newest technologies, will be able to come up with plans and treatments for the best possible eye health that you can imagine.