Lens Options

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Glasses from Johansen and Brown Precision Eye Care in Berea SC in the Upstate of South Carolina near Greenville.




We offer a wide variety of frames for children and adults in our Berea, SC office that complement various face sizes and shapes. This allows each person to find the glasses in which they will have the best vision possible, in a style that is ascetically pleasing as well. Also available are frames that are flexible for your more active individuals who might damage a pair more often than most. They bend as opposed to breaking!


There are various lens options and we will be happy to help you select the option that best fits your lifestyle, budget and prescription. Whether that is bi-focal, progressive, glass, plastic, polycarbonate, or high index.


Coating options can make a real difference when it comes to the right pair of glasses. Anti-glare coating can improve night vision dramatically. Anti-reflective is the perfect protection for those on the computer or their phone all day. UV protection is a must if you spend much time in the sun. Scratch Resistance can help make your lenses last longer. Anti-fog coating can keep you from those moments of vision loss due to temperature changes. Anti-reflective can make your eyes more visible in photos.

Contacts from Johansen and Brown Precision Eye Care in Berea SC in the Upstate of South Carolina near Greenville.


Soft/Disposable Contacts

Soft contacts are a good option for most people, offering an inexpensive and unobtrusive solution to your vision problems. They come in the form of dailies, overnights, weekly and even monthly pairs as well as a variety color options. They are generally comfortable and often people forget they have them in.

Hard Contacts

There have been many improvements in hard lenses over the years. Scleral lens are one of those improvements. They cover more of the eye’s surface and hold fluid to the eye which helps keep them from drying out. Due to the size and shape of the lenses they are often better for individuals with astigmatism or those who have had lasik in the past and now need further correction.

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